How to Add Products in WooCommerce WordPress Step by Step Guide

Before adding your first product let’s dive in and understand what are product categories, attributes, and tags in WooCommerce WordPress Website.

Product Categories in WooCommerce WordPress

Product category or product collection is a division of products based on a particular shared character same type of products will have the same category, category makes it easier for the owners to sort their products and at the same time makes it easier for the visitor to find similar products.

Product Attributes

Product attributes are the properties that describe a product such as size, color or any other custom property this helps shoppers to find, compare and choose a particular product.

Products tags

Product tags are the keywords that define a certain feature of a product they are also used to sort products and narrow the product search further.

Moving further lets talk about products types

Product types

These are the types of products that can be added and sold using WooCommerce WordPress plug-in.

  • Simple Products

These are the products which are without variations such as Size or color.

  • Variable Products

These types of products have multiple options to choose from such as size and color of a t-shirt.

  • External or Affiliate Products

These are the type of products that are listed somewhere else and you simply add the link of its listing in the buy now button of your website when clicked the shopper will be redirected to that particular website where they can make a purchase.

  • Grouped Products

These are collections of similar products that are simple products that can be purchased individually. 

  • Downloadable Products

These are the products which have no physical existence for instance an E-Book or a Music audio, customers can download these products after making a purchase.

  •  Virtual Products

These are the products which do not require shipping for instance a service of a mechanic

What is an SKU?

SKU or stock keeping unit is a unique number or values assigned to a product which makes it easier for the Admin to track inventory. 

How to add a product?

Step one login to your WordPress admin panel next look for products now hover over to products and click on add new just like the image below 

WooCommerce WordPress

Now this will take you to the backend page of your product which you are going to add with an interface as seen below 

WooCommerce WordPress

Now you are in the product page the first thing you will see here is the product name field enter the name, below this field you will see a space to add a long description of the product this is the description which appears at the additional information tab on the product page.

Next you will see a product data box where you can select product type,enter its price, enable taxes, Manage Shipping and attributes.

WooCommerce WordPress

You can also link related products so when a customer is on a particular products page he would be able to see products that are of similar type this helps a lot in cross selling.

On the right side of the page you will see a box which says product image where you can set a primary image and add full gallery of images below it 

WooCommerce WordPress

On the same panel if you scroll a little up you will see a product tags section where you can add tags to your products which makes it easier for shopper to find the relevant product

WooCommerce WordPress

Once product tags are set you can now move on to product categories which appear right above the product tags section.

Here you can select both parent and child categories or add new categories 

WooCommerce WordPress

Once done you can scroll up and click on publish or schedule a publish date and the product will be made live on the website or if you are editing an existing product click on update so that the changes can be made live. You can even preview the changes before publishing them.

WooCommerce WordPress

That’s all folks, your product has been added successfully but if you face any issues or have any questions feel free to reach out to us at

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