How to get a business email & look professional online

Most consumers tend to trust domain-based emails more, prone to giving your clients a constructive reason to work with you. Having a business email can really stand you out in the eyes of your client.

You can really easily create a business email that can be used to send out emails to your client. It helps you get feedback to further improve your business and overall increase your customer reach.

Why should you have a business email?

Over 70 percent of people prefer emails as marketing communication. Since it’s such a core part of your business, it would be profitable for you to have a professional email. Having one builds reliability with your customer and sets your email apart from other spam emails, ensuring that you actually reach your client’s inbox.

If a client sees a ‘’ or something that is free and commonly used at the end of an email that they received, they are less likely to view you as a business, they will view you like any other average person, a scammer, even. It really takes away the opportunity of being viewed as a whole, and there is no certainty that your email would even reach your target’s inbox.

But if they see a more professional email, one that has a domain that stands out, they are more likely to recognize you as a brand. It shows that you’re willing to invest in your digital branding, making it an immensely persuasive reason to create one. 

As a business, it vastly expands the reach you have on your clients. It makes you detectable in the masses of emails that people receive on a daily basis.

Importance of business emails

  • Obtains your client’s trust

If you aim to gain the trust of your customers as a business, you should appear professional, something you cannot attain by using a free and common email domain like Gmail or Yahoo. Suppose you receive an email from ‘’, would you deem it professional? Would you want to work with them? Most likely not.

Email addresses that end with ‘’ or ‘’ are extremely unprofessional and show that you are not serious about what you do. In order to gain a consumer’s trust, it is key that you have a professional business email.

  • Separates your work data from your personal data

When you have a separate business email that separates from your personal email, you can quickly get access to work-related things. If you were to pile all of your emails onto one personal email, it would get chaotic in no time. 

  • Mostly cheap, often free!

Often the hosting company, that you have built your website with, offers domain-based emails for free! Even if they aren’t free, they are exceptionally cheap to purchase. And with all the benefits that come along with creating a business email, it is unarguably a great cost-effective investment in the long run.

  • Ensures privacy and security

A business email protects the privacy of your business. It also ensures the security of sensitive information about your business. When you use email services like Gmail, they often collect your data. When you get a business email, the data is much more secure because you have your own personal server. In this way, not only do you protect your own privacy, but your client’s as well.

Factors that make your business email look professional

  • Include your website’s domain

If your business email contains your website’s domain, clients can remember it with ease and it is less likely to go into their spam. They can also easily recognize you in this way.

  • Brief address

Make it short and memorable, so that when someone decides to write you an email or refer you to a friend, they are less likely to mess up.

  • Be communicated with ease

Make it readable, so if someone asks you or someone wants to share it verbally, they can pronounce it with ease.

How to get a business email

Usually, a hosting service like Bluehost will provide you with free business emails when you purchase a domain.

  • Create a custom domain

The first step to setting up a business email is to create a domain name, which is basically just your website’s address. With Bluehost, you’ll need to subscribe to their basic plan after which you will be able to create a custom domain. Then just quickly fill out your account information and payment details. From here, you can just create an account and there you go! You will now be redirected to the Bluehost dashboard. 

  • Set up your business email

In order to receive your free business email, click on ‘advanced’ on your menu to the left. Under ‘emails’ you will find ‘email account’. Simply click on that option and here you will be able to create up to five email addresses free of cost. Choose ‘create’ over here and enter your username and set up your password. Lastly, click on ‘create’ and you have finally organized your very own business email!  

  • Log into your email

Now in order to access your email inbox, just go to your host’s website mail site, and log into your email. Choose any of the given webmail applications and then you will be able to see your business email’s inbox.

How to change your username

If you wish to change your username, which by default is your email address username, you can do it by going to settings > preferences > personal information. Under ‘full name’ enter your desired username

Lastly, test your email

In order to make sure it works properly, just send a test email to yourself. Make sure If all goes well, then congratulations! You have successfully set up a business email.

You can use it via Gmail!

Pretty much everyone has experience using Gmail. It is extremely convenient to use, unlike the email inbox that is often given by the business email service provider. Luckily, you can easily transfer your business email to Gmail and start sending and receiving emails from there.

Have a great time closing deals!

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