How to install templates from Envato elements?

Your first impression is always your last impression and Envato could help you with that. If your website doesn’t give your viewer a visual appeal on the first look, it could be a deal breaker. The best way to create that appealing effect is to have a well sort out template, that makes pages from your website easy to read.

If you use WordPress as your CMS, you are yet again set at a significant advantage. WordPress allows you to import templates from multiple plugins that provide templates already professionally created for you. 

We will be looking over one of such plugins today, Envato elements.


What is a template in Envato?

A template is basically the layout of every individual page on your website. It deals with the appearance of the pages on your website and the text arrangement. It is often confused with themes. Themes are completely different from templates, they control the outlook of the entire website and its functionality as a whole. Templates make your website easy to navigate. They also provide a visual appeal to your viewers and help organize the text layout of your website.

Why do you need a template for your website?

Designing and coding your website from scratch can take weeks to even months, and it isn’t even guaranteed to be just the way you want it to be. 

When you install an already built template, you get a stunning result and even without the hustle of coding. You can directly start working on the content on your website instead of stressing over basic things, giving you more time to improve on the actual website. 

Why you should use Envato templates for your website?

Envato provides you with a wide variety of templates to choose from. Whether you run a restaurant, fitness coach, or music teacher, Envato has a template for you. All of the templates that Envato has to offer are designed by a professional web designer individually. Once you import these templates onto your website, it completely rebrands your website for the better. The Envato plugin takes literal seconds to install and activate. Once it’s installed, you can easily import any template onto your website within a matter of clicks. 

Step one: plugin installation

Before you start importing templates, you first need to follow the next few steps to add the needed plugins to your website.


Elementor is a plugin that allows you to work on your website, and at the same time look at how it would look upfront to your visitor. This helps you design your website just as you would like for it to appear on the front page to your visitors. It helps save so much time because you’re directly working on the page of the website itself instead of hoping it turns out the way you assume it would.

In case you don’t already have this plugin installed on your website, this is how you do it.

  1. Open up your WordPress dashboard
  2. Hover over Plugins on the left-hand menu
  3. Select ‘add new’ from the pop-up that appears
  4. Search for Elementor on the search bar to your right
  5. Click on install, this takes roughly a few seconds
  6. After it is installed, activate it

Templates kit by Envato

Next, you need to install the ‘templates kit’ plugin on your website. This is from where you’ll be able to import your templates. It has over 350 website templates to choose from to match your website niche perfectly. 

The process to install this plugin is pretty much the same.

  1. Open up your WordPress dashboard
  2. Hover over plugins and click on ‘add new’
  3. Search for ‘Templates kit’ on the search bar and install and activate the one that is by Envato

How to import templates?

After you’re done installing the above two plugins, you’re ready to import templates.

  1. On the left-hand menu, hover over tools. From the pop-up that appears, select Template Kit.
  2. Click on the plus icon and upload the zip file of your template. Make sure the file you upload hasn’t been unzipped and it is an Elementor Template Kit.
  3. Next, click on View Installed Kit.
  4. Install the needed requirements so that the kit can work. This can be done by clicking on Install Requirements on the banner that appears on top. From the popup, select Install Requirements again.

Now you can begin importing the templates you want. Once you’re done you can start editing the text on the pages as per your business.


Templates are essential for your website, and with Envato, you can import any style of template that suits your niche. Installing the Envato plugin takes just a few seconds and it gives your website the visual appeal that can help attract clients. 

Using a pre-built template from Envato helps save you so much time, provided that instead of spending months designing your website, you have your website designed in less than minutes. These templates aren’t only super quick to import on to your website, but they’re also designed by professional web designers giving you all the reassurance you need.

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