How to Install Themes to Your WordPress Website

Visual appeal to a visitor at a first glance is a key to enhancing your WordPress website. Install Themes on your WordPress website and influence its visual graphic design.

If you lose a visitor’s interest within the first few moments, you’ve definitely lost business. Thankfully, using WordPress you can easily make the perfect first impression. WordPress offers over 30,000 themes just so that you’re enabled to impress your visitors. 

Here are three ways to install themes to your WordPress website!

Install Themes for WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most frequently used content management system all across the internet. It is preferred by many people due to its flexibility and customizability. 

It helps you build and maintain a website all from scratch, without having to learn how to code. If you’re looking for a user-friendly option to build a website that still gives a professional outcome, WordPress is the way to go! It is extremely easy to work with, and with just a little investment, you can broadly expand your business throughout the internet. One of the best things that come with using WordPress is the customizability. It’s really easy to structure your website exactly as you have it in your mind.

One of the major aspects of website appearance is having a theme. Without a uniform theme throughout your website, your website doesn’t look professional. It makes you look unskillful, which isn’t the best impression you should be willing to give to your consumers. 

Here’s how to add a theme to change the impact of your website has on consumers completely!

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is essentially what powers the entire outlook and layout of your website. Choosing a WordPress theme that is appealing to your visitors but at the same time symbolizes your business is key. It’s what helps your visitors recognize you as a brand.

The great thing about WordPress themes is that you can easily and quickly install themes onto your website, and then make changes to it in order to fit your requirements. The great thing is that if you, for instance, don’t like the themes that WordPress has to offer, you can install ones from third-party creators as well. This puts you in entire control of your website.

There are certain plugins that even help you to add multiple themes to your website, allowing you to fully customize every page of your website.

Why should you use themes on your website?

Since a theme powers the entire appearance of your website, it really gives that uniformity all along. This creates brand credibility while also being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Additionally, themes come pre-built to just apply to your website. This allows you to create a website just as you envision, except that it doesn’t require as much time or effort to do. 

It is important to keep in mind that your website is a representation of your business it greatly impacts your user’s opinion of your brand.

How to Install Themes?

It is extremely easy and quick to install a theme on your website. There are three main ways to do so, which we will be looking over next.

Install Themes from the WordPress dashboard

This is the easiest and simplest way you can use to add a theme to your website. 

  1. Open up your WordPress dashboard

To log into your WordPress dashboard, simply log into your WordPress website. This leads you straight to the dashboard.

Install Themes

2. Click on themes

On the left, you’ll see a menu. From here, hover over ‘appearances’ and then select ‘themes’. Over here, you’ll need to select ‘add new’ and select the theme you think is suitable for your website. This varies from niche to niche.

3. Add a theme to your website

Install Themes

Search for your favorite theme and hit install Now that you have found the theme you want, install it. Once it’s installed, simply click on activate. There you go! You have a brand new theme activated on your website.

Installing themes directly onto your website

If for whatever reason the previous method doesn’t work out for you, you can use this method. Make sure you have a zipped file of the theme that you want to install on your website already downloaded on your computer.

  1. Open up your WordPress dashboard

Log into your WordPress account using your details in order to open the WordPress dashboard.

Install Themes

2. Open up themes

Again, to the left, you’ll see ‘appearances’ and once you hover over it, you can select the ‘themes’ option. At the top of the page, you’ll see an option to ‘add new’. 

3. Upload a theme

Over here, select the ‘upload theme’ option. Here, you can upload the zipped file of your downloaded theme. Click ‘activate’ and your theme will be activated.

Install Themes

Now you have a theme activated on your website.

Installing themes via file manager in cPanel

If the above two methods don’t work for you, you can also install them using file manager in cPanel.

  1. Open your cPanel

When you buy a web hosting plan, you get log-in details for a cPanel. Using those details, log into your cPanel

2. Upload the theme

From the cPanel, navigate to the ‘File Manager’ and select public_html > wp-content > themes. Upload a zipped file of the theme you want to install here.

Install Themes
Install Themes

The theme has now been installed on your website!


It is essential that you design your website in such a way that it makes it memorable to the visitor. The easiest way to do this is by enhancing the layout of your website, which can be done by adding themes to your website. WordPress allows you to design your website exactly the way you have it in mind within a few clicks. It is extremely simple and fast to install themes onto your website. It completely changes the way people view your website. 

We hope we helped you enhance the look of your website!

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