Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing and Retargeting are two different things. Retargeting is the process of showing Google ads or Meta ads to people who have previously interacted with websites more than once in any way like visiting websites, adding products to a cart but not purchasing yet, submitting a form, etc. Google can help to show ads to these people on display ads. Similarly, Meta Ads can also retarget these people.

If someone has purchased from the website, then remarketing can help to sell them other products or services of the company.

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Our Targeted mediums


Website Retargeting

Bring back visitors who navigated away from your site. Through strategic ad placements, we reengage these visitors, encouraging them to return and convert.


Search Retargeting

Searched targeting focuses on the customers who have been searching for the products and services related to your business. Google and Meta collect the data and then show ads to these people.


Social media retargeting

Social media like Facebook and Instagram track the data of customers. This data can be used to target the customers that have been looking for the products and services. 

How remarketing and retargeting can be helpful for businesses?

Remarketing and Retargeting are invaluable tools in reaching your target audience and influencing their decisions. If your customers have forgotten about a product or service, then this can be recalled. If you have loyal customers, you can show them your products and services.


Our Approach for Remarketing and Retargeting

We are a professional remarketing and retargeting agency in the USA. We believe that for the success of remarketing and retargeting campaigns a proper strategy will be required. Our holistic approach combines creativity, analytics, and technological prowess to craft personalized campaigns that resonate with your audience


Research and Audience segmentation

Being a professional Remarketing and Retargeting company in the USA we believe that audience segmentation is important. After conducting proper research, we divide our audience into different segments according to their demographics and psychographics like age, gender, location, and behavior. This will help to reach more relevant people who can buy a product or service.


Strategic Planning

After research and audience segmentation a strategic plan is important for the success of remarketing and retargeting campaigns. We analyze business goals, competitors, and other factors to prepare a plan that will make the campaign successful. A strategic plan is also very helpful to align remarketing and retargeting goals with the business goals.


Multiplatform Integration

Remarketing and Retargeting campaigns can be run on various platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. The choice of platform depends on the audience. If targeted audience uses Facebook and Instagram, we can use Meta Ads to target them. Similarly, if they are on Google and other affiliate websites then Google ads can be best to target them. Being an Expert Remarketing and Retargeting company, we make sure we choose the right medium to reach your target customers.



Remarketing and Retargeting ads are often displayed in the form of Graphics on Google and Social media platforms. So, Creativity plays a very important role in grabbing the attention of customers. Our design and brand message will depend upon the targeted audience and will encourage conversion.


Data-Driven Approach

We provide professional remarketing and retargeting services in the USA. We use a data-driven approach to make informed decisions that help to maximize conversions. A data-driven approach is also important to optimize future campaigns.

Why Choose Revolviz for remarketing and retargeting?

If you are looking for a remarketing and retargeting company in the USA to get maximum conversions and sales, then you are at the right place. Choosing the right company for remarketing and retargeting is very important if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Here are a few reasons why to choose our Remarketing and Retargeting services in the USA:

Expertise in Remarketing
and Retargeting

Being an expert in Remarketing and Retargeting agency we believe there should be a proper strategy. Understanding the local audience and dividing them into different segments is very important for success. Having local expertise gives an extra advantage. We understand the local taste of the people and that expertise helps us to prepare a strategy that gives maximum conversion and sales at a very low cost.


We believe that remarketing and retargeting should be research based. We understand that every business has a unique audience and sells different products and services. We conduct comprehensive research to prepare the best strategy that fulfills the requirements of your business. We also research the different media platforms and what will fulfill the requirements of that business.


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