Why WordPress is better than other CMS?

What is a content management system?

Looking to create a website? There is no better way to create one using a content management system than WordPress! Not only can you start building a website with one, but also update it from time to time with no difficulty. A content management system is essentially a platform that allows users to create websites without knowledge of HTML or any other coding skill. It puts you at an advantage, handling the framework of your website allowing you to focus entirely on the final outcome of your website.


How did WordPress gain its popularity?

WordPress allows users to gain a desirable outcome without any risks, hence proving itself great for beginners that are willing to build their online existence. It was launched in 2003 and ever since it has been used by millions of people around the world to build blogs, static websites, e-commerce stores, social networks, forums, and much more!

Why should you choose WordPress?

Platforms like Joomla and Drupal are quite complex to use, as you often require some prior knowledge setting limitations for beginners to utilize efficiently. WordPress on the other hand is far more suitable for people who are just beginning to post content online and need something that is cheap, cost-effective, and easy to use but at the same time produces a professional website. 

Here are 8 advantages of using WordPress as a CMS!

1. Free and efficient to use

When starting out with blogging, users often tend to be hesitant when it comes to investing money in a platform for something that might not be their cup of tea. They can never be too sure that this is something they will enjoy or if it will work out for them. Being free to use is one of WordPress’s greatest advantages as it allows users to overcome trial and error without the risk of losing their money, encouraging people to build their own websites.

2. Beginner-friendly platform 

For someone that has little to no knowledge of creating a website, WordPress is the way to go! It requires no expertise and has all the tools one can imagine to create a successful and beneficial website. Users get to create an ideal result that looks professional without any prior knowledge of web development. You can either start from scratch or avail one of their pre-existing themes already built for you.

3. Supported by SEO and major search engines

Regardless of whether you’re a pro or if you’re just starting, every site needs traffic and engagement. This is where WordPress comes in handy. The themes that are provided by WordPress are supported by SEO allowing great ranking for your website.

Since WordPress produces fast-loading sites, it is often high ranked by search engines like google. They also provide keyword usage, which also results in a higher ranking of the website this is especially beneficial provided that people are most likely to click on the first few links they encounter allowing you, as a content writer, to reach more of your targetted audience!

4. Mobile compatibility 

In today’s world, about 50% of total website traffic comes from mobile devices. Search engines, like Google, are most likely to rank websites that are also accessible through a phone. As WordPress produces websites that can be quickly accessed on a mobile phone, they are much more likely to be higher ranked on search engines, enabling more people to gain access to your content.

5. Offers plugins

A plugin is a software application that allows you to extend the features and functionality of a WordPress website. 

As self-explanatory as it is, you “plug in” a software that helps improve your website as per your liking. They can quickly be added and removed from your website, without any alterations to the website itself, setting users at a great advantage.

For instance, they allow users to do tasks like find content, leave comments or navigate the site. In addition, it provides security to the website by blocking spam and requiring user verifications.

It improves the user’s experience with the website allowing them to access the website in a short period of time and improving the overall appearance of the site.

6. Always up to date

As the world constantly evolves, the interests of people change, but so does WordPress’s platform! It always updates to meet its users’ needs, allowing it to match the technological upgrades. Additionally, it is also extremely easy, updating at the ease of just one click.

7. Easy to make changes 

Due to its user-friendly adaptations, it is quite easy to make quick changes to your website. Alongside that, it also doesn’t make any changes to other parts of your website making it convenient to use. 

8. Allows blog posting

Blogs are always a great addition to your website. WordPress comes with this feature built-in for its users to utilize! It has a section where you can choose to post your blogs which are greatly appreciated for users that need such a feature but don’t know how to create it. 

WordPress: A summary

If you’re a beginner looking to create a website that is well-built without the hustle of learning how to code, WordPress is the best option. It gives you all the possible advantages you might want, all free of cost! It provides you with all the tools that are required to build a great and functional website. Best of luck with your website!

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